Heartbreaking: GMO Goat Could Save Thousands of Children’s Lives

It was heartbreaking to read about GMO goats in this popular article.  In a nutshell, scientists at the University of California at Davis created goats engineered to express a human gene for lysozyme in their milk.  Lysozymes are natural antibacterial enzymes that degrade peptidoglycan, a major cell well component of gram-positive bacteria.  Lysozymes are found in human tears, saliva, and milk.

Over a half-million children around the world die each year from diarrhea.  One of the reasons for this is because water can be quite unsanitary in poor communities in developing countries (Figure 1).  Goats engineered to produce human lysozyme in their milk could be part of a solution to this problem.  But the project has been…well, read the article.

Figure 1. Can you imagine having to utilize the water from this Central American stream? I did not photograph the woman, out of respect. However, after she left, I took this photograph.

I know the work of at least two of the scientists quoted in the article.  These are highly respected scientists.

Read the article.  It is really solid.  And it is heartbreaking, at least to me….


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